Bringing God’s chosen people home

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The ICEJ is once again raising the banner for the remaining Jews in Ethiopia. With God’s help and working together we can bring them to the land of their fathers.

Ethiopia is currently experiencing the worst drought in 50 years caused by El Niño, which is quickly spreading to populous areas. The drought has brought a food crisis, which is said to be the worst in 30 years. On top of it, Ethiopia has been targeted by Islamist militants, in revenge for Ethiopia’s military intervention in 2006 in neighboring Somalia.

The ICEJ Aid director Nicole Yoder explained the difficulty of this journey for Ethiopian Jews. “I always like to emphasize the challenges they will face upon arrival because of the tremendous gaps between Ethiopia and Israel – culturally, education-wise, with high-tech etc. They face some of the greatest difficulties in adapting to life here – more so than other new immigrants.”

With these combined hardships, the government of Israel is ready to bring the remaining Jewish population from Ethiopia back to Israel. Many families have been separated for years, and now they fear for their safety.

In the past, the ICEJ sponsored flights and assisted with absorption through numerous projects, including sports and educational programs, vocational training, as well as Passover assistance. Now is the time for us to get involved again.

BE A PART OF THIS MODERN DAY MIRACLE! Send your most generous gift today and be a witness of the Ethiopian Jews returning home!


Current Appeals:

ICEJ: Ethiopian Aliyah

Help Ethiopian Jews Make Aliyah
In November of 2015, the Israeli government made the decision to bring home those Jews remaining in Ethiopia. Our help is needed to gradually and steadily help them move to Israel and also to adapt to their new culture once they arrive.
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Bnei Menashe Aliyah Help French Jews Make Aliyah
The Jewish Agency has asked the Christian Embassy to assist with funding for the huge influx of French Jews expected to come home to Israel due to the recent and ongoing acts of terrorism in France.
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Ukrainian Aliyah Help Ukrainian Jews Make Aliyah
ICEJ's Aliyah Director, Howard Flower, says they need help with extra flights, logistics and special needs for the Jews in Ukraine, many of whom are very poor. Please help us bring help to the Jews of Ukraine for a time such as this.
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Kaifeng Aliyah Help Kaifeng Jews Make Aliyah
The Kaifeng are Jewish/Israelite exiles from Persia who had worked their way along the ancient Silk Road, all the way to Kaifeng, China. There are still some 500 Chinese Jews left in the area, and many are now interested in making aliyah.
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Bnei Menashe Aliyah Help Bnei Menashe Jews Make Aliyah
Over 7,000 members of the tribe of Menashe are waiting in Northern India to return home to Israel. You can join us in being a part of the fulfillment of prophecy and help finance more flights for these precious people.
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Aliyah Aliyah Around the Globe
Since 1980, the ICEJ has worked to see Jews from around the world find their way home to Israel in fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Today, we are active in helping Jews make Aliyah from all over the globe and are as motivated as ever to partner with the Lord in this amazing work. You can be a part of it too!
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