Israel Marks Remembrance Day for Fallen Soldiers

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18 Apr 2018 (All day)
Israel Marks Remembrance Day for Fallen Soldiers
Ceremonies were held throughout Israel Tuesday evening to mark the beginning of Yom Ha’Zikaron, Remembrance Day for fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism. A siren to mark a minute of silence was heard at 8 PM Tuesday, to be followed by another at 11 AM Wednesday, with military cemeteries and memorials around the country holding memorial services throughout the day. In the evening, Israelis will transition to celebrations of Yom Ha’atzmaute, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Independence of the modern State of Israel.

Here is a video giving some commentary on Israel at 70

Price Tag Vandalism Reported in Arab Villages Near Nablus
Reports emerged from two Arab villages near Nablus overnight Tuesday that dozens of vehicles had been vandalized by what police suspect were Jewish extremists, based on “price tag” graffiti scrawled on several of the vehicles. “Police are investigating the incident,” said Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld. “We are still searching for suspects who we believe were involved. We’re looking at it as a criminal incident with nationalistic motives.”

The police have been severely criticized for failing to arrest and prosecute perpetrators of previous such acts of vandalism.

Israeli Diplomats Targeted by Iran
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that the Jewish State is on its guard to thwart attacks by Iran against its diplomats around the world. “The forces of darkness and terrorism thought that, by striking at our representatives, they would hurt our international standing. The exact opposite happened,” the prime minister said at an event commemorating the murder of several Israeli diplomatic personnel abroad in recent years.

“At the same time, the members of our security branches – the Shin Bet [Israel Security Agency] and the Mossad – are standing guard to thwart additional attempts to harm us, and we take every warning seriously in order to protect the safety and security of our representatives wherever they are,” he added…terrorism crosses boundaries and today – as was the case then [in 1979] – it is under Iranian auspices, and under the sponsorship of Islamic State. There is not a continent or country safe from terrorism. What we have to do is stand against them together – to build a strong dam of the civilized world against the flood of radicalism. Terrorists smell weakness, but they equally recognize power. With force and firmness, we will stop their aggression.”

Israel Hosts UN Ambassadors
Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon has brought 40 of his colleagues to Israel for a fact finding tour this week. Ethiopia’s Ambassador Tekeda Alemu said on Monday that “This has been a very fantastic experience. One lesson that was very clear is that there is a clear connection between the Old City of Jerusalem and the Jewish people. This cannot be ignored.”

Today’s videos show a recent event in Jerusalem to celebrate the Jewish State and some other videos commemorating Israel's 70th Anniversery

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