Netanyahu Projecting ‘Business As Usual’ Amidst Legal Woes

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22 Feb 2018 (All day)
Netanyahu Projecting ‘Business As Usual’ Amidst Legal Woes
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made efforts to project a “business as usual” attitude on Thursday, despite reports that some of his closest political allies have agreed to testify against him in corruption cases being prepared by the police. On Wednesday evening, he addressed the annual meeting to Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, giving an upbeat talk about Israel’s improving relations with the world and never once mentioning his legal problems.

Here is the video of the speech:

As of Thursday morning, the Prime Minister’s Office still showed Netanyahu scheduled to attend upcoming events, including the annual AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington next month. Meanwhile, Education Minister Naftali Bennett told Army Radio on Thursday that he has no plans to force new elections by leaving the coalition unless Netanyahu is indicted on the pending charges against him and possibly not unless he’s actually convicted. Recent polling indicates that the Likud Party which Netanyahu leads has not suffered a drop in support because of the allegations against him.

Israel Blesses the World
The IDF revealed on Wednesday that its secretive Unit 8200, which was formed to do battle in the Cyber domain, was responsible for uncovering a plot by the Islamic State (IS) terror militia to destroy an Etihad Airways civilian aircraft on a flight from Sydney Australia to Abu Dhabi. “The thwarting of the attack led to the saving of the lives of dozens of innocent people and demonstrated that Unit 8200 is a player in the intelligence war against Islamic State,” the IDF statement said.

“Today, cyber is an additional front in which Israel has significant offensive and defensive capabilities,” a senior officer in Unit 8200 said Tuesday. “When we see talk of an attack that could happen in the next 10 minutes, we need to act in an effective and quick manner in order to stop it. There is a lot of responsibility sitting on the shoulders of these young officers.”

Gaza to Begin Pumping Raw Sewage Into the Sea
Nizar Hejazi, head of the Gaza City municipality, announced on Wednesday that “The beaches of the Gaza Strip will be completely closed and sewage will be pumped into the sea because the municipalities are unable to provide fuel for treatment plants.” Adding a statement assigning blame for the situation to Israel, he added “we announce a state of emergency in the cities and municipalities of the Gaza Strip.”

High-Speed Railroad Launch Delayed
Israel Railways announced on Wednesday that the much anticipated launching of the high-speed line between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv will be delayed once again. “Not all the regulatory approvals required for the operation of the line for commercial use of passengers...have yet to be received,” Israel Railways said in a statement. “Such operation is expected to be postponed by six months, subject to the receipt of all such approvals.”

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