"We Call You the Miracle Man"

Testimony of David Elms Director of ICEJ-UK

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18 May 2017 (All day)
"We Call You the Miracle Man"

The year 2017 is a very special year for any student of history and biblical prophecy.

This year celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, which made the Bible available to all people. Once the Bible was accessible in the vernacular (the language of the people) a mighty reformation of Christianity began. As time passed, hidden truths were revealed, including the understanding of Jesus as the Messiah of both Jew and Gentile. Gradually, through reading the scriptures, there came about amongst some of the Reformers an understanding that prophecy still had many aspects to be fulfilled. One very important aspect was that Israel had to exist as a nation and Jerusalem had to be the city of God to which the Messiah would return.

Hundred years ago, the Balfour Act was passed by the British government. This was the “birth certificate” for modern Israel. It guaranteed the right of return for Jewish people to their ancient and God-given land - Eretz Israel.

Fifty years ago, Israel was attacked by its enemies. Miraculously not only did it survive but it drove its enemies from its historical and biblical capital, Jerusalem. This year we celebrate the return of the Jewish nation to Jerusalem.

How I looked forward to 2017! I was planning many meetings, both in the UK and overseas, to share about these wonderful prophetic events and the destiny and purpose of Israel. Parallel to this was the incredible political developments within Europe and in the world; surely these were heralds of His coming!

On October 13, 2016, with eager anticipation I prepared for the ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles celebrations in Jerusalem which I have been blessed to attend for many years. That day everything changed in a moment; truly in the twinkling of an eye.

As I stood up in my lounge, I experienced the most excruciating pain I have had in my life. It was in my kidneys and the pain caused me to collapse on the floor. Providentially, as I collapsed my dear wife walked into the room. She realised something was seriously wrong, and within a very short time I was taken to Liverpool hospital, slipping in and out of consciousness. My wife said the last words I spoke to her that day were, "If I don't see you here, I will meet you over there." The specialist came to her and told her to gather the family to say goodbye, as there was very little chance of me coming through the procedures relating to an aortic, abdominal aneurysm. It appeared that instead of me waiting for the return of the Lord, He was about to take me to be with Him.

All of what was to follow is not in my memory. I went into a coma and contracted pneumonia. It was to be many weeks before I would again be conscious and discover the incredible power of prayer in the name of Jesus, which was to raise me up. This prayer began in a small way within my family, friends and church. Soon the situation was brought to the attention of believers in the UK. Prayers were offered up from America to New Zealand, a very humbling experience. Jerusalem was told of the situation and a Facebook Messenger account was opened by my family. If this aneurysm had happened 24 hours later I would have been on the plane to Israel, and there would have been nothing anyone could have done for me. But there is a providential plan and purpose for each of our lives. 

Even though I was to miss my appointment in Jerusalem, I was not to miss out on the biggest miracle in my life. When the specialist later discharged me, his exact words to me were, "This was a minor miracle." My wife said, "It was not a minor miracle, but a major one!" Recently, my local doctor said to me, "We call you the miracle man. 85% of people who suffer from these aneurysms die, and of the remaining 15% many are left with various handicaps." Since then my health and mobility improve on a daily basis. Glory to God.

However, the truth is, I am not a miracle man, but I follow and serve a miracle-working God who answers the prayers of His people.

For many who attend the Feast of Tabernacles celebration, one of the great highlights is the gathering together of thousands of pilgrims at Ein Gedi. This spectacular event on the shores of the Dead Sea is very moving and powerful. To be with so many believers from so many nations worshipping the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in the promised land is a most wonderful experience.

That night at Ein Gedi, the main speaker addressed the ICEJ leadership and said he had a word from the Lord that someone closely linked to the ICEJ ministry was very ill and the whole assembly should pray for him, so the thousands gathered prayed for me. He went on to say that in a few hours my kidneys would be healed. Until that point I had never suffered from any kidney troubles in my life. Back home a few hours later the surgeon came to my wife and said there was no damage to my kidneys and they were now hopeful I would make a full recovery.

Sometime later, Jürgen called me to see how I was progressing. I told him the artery which had burst ran down the front to the kidneys, and I had this enormous scar down the front of my chest. He told me the cancer which he had been miraculously healed of had run from his kidneys to the heart, via the veins. His enormous scar was across his stomach. Putting our two scars together we have the sign of the cross.

The ICEJ has had many trials and testings. However, we are covered by the finished work of the cross and the power of the resurrection. If we continue together in faith and prayer the ICEJ will complete its calling and destiny. There are many challenges ahead but, my dear friends, there are also many miracles awaiting you and Israel.

Blessings and Shalom.