“Are you from Ireland? I thought that you all hate us!”

We were greeted with these words during a visit to Jerusalem.

Unfortunately, this is the reputation we have in Israel.

Ireland’s recent unilateral recognition of a sham state, ‘Palestine’, is widely construed by Israelis as a reward for barbarism and terrorism.

ICEJ Ireland represents  a new kind of Irishman; men and women who love the people of Israel!  We are Irish people who Pray for Israel, Stand with Israel and Give to Israel!

We have had the opportunity to send a message of love to Israel on :-

  • ILTV Television
  • IsraelHaYom (the largest newspaper)
  • Maariv (Hebrew Language)
  • All Israel News
  • YouTube & Twitter
  • Newsmax (USA)

To give further practical expression of our love, I plan to visit Israel during the summer  to present the people of Israel with a medical motorcycle on behalf of Irish Christians.

This unique lifesaving vehicle costs €40,000 and gives MDA paramedics the speed and agility ambulances lack.

This vehicle is specially equipped with life-saving specialist equipment for use by volunteer medical first-responders.

Please help us to redeem our reputation & forward donations as soon as possible.


For the love of Zion,

Paul & Pamela